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Playmate: Proud to be one of the most affordable & accessible sex stores in NZ!

Pleasure Made Easier and Naughtier Than Ever!

You can search through our sex toys by product type, or who the toy is intended for! Enter the world of adult pleasure with the click of a button. Our sex store is 100% New Zealand owned and operated, serving Kiwis countrywide discreetly and under the pathos of supplying affordable, quality sex toys for everyone.


Free shipping New Zealand wide when you spend over $50.


Your privacy is our priority, our packaging is 100% anonymous.


We aim to get your package dispatched within 24 hours of receiving your order.


You can chat with us about any issues through the chat on our website.

Pleasure Made Easier and Naughtier Than Ever


Explore and fulfil every secret desire with a playmate or go solo on your next adventure! Discover inner and outer satisfaction that you will want to repeat again, and again! Shop our high quality range of tantalising products to take your sexual experience to a whole different world


Take Control of Your Sexual Experience


All of your desires realised. Feel ready to burst while browsing all of the possibilities for your next bedroom mission. Toys for men of all ages, creeds, styles and tastes – made from the highest quality materials at affordable prices for your satisfaction guarantee. We are pleased to join the rank of sex stores Nz-wide that supplies products with you in mind!


Get Closer


Add an exhilarating dimension to your relationship and play in a whole new way with intimate sex toys to tease, tantalise and lose yourself with – together. Shop our range of couples sex toys via our online NZ store to realise more than one fantasy! Feel closer than ever before…


We sell sex toys! But, who are we?


Here, at Playmate Adult Store, we have a passion for creating stimulating sexual experiences for adults of all ages, preferences and budgets. We don't believe sex toys are reserved for people who are out of the ordinary, we think everyone benefits from accessible - AFFORDABLE - sex toys from an NZ-based adult sex store you can trust.


We’ve figured out which questions our customers ask on the regular, so it would be rude not to answer them! With a wide range of topics - you may find an answer you’ve been looking for! NZ sex stores providing better sex education than high school! (Boom!)


How Sex Toys Evolve

Over the many, many years that sex toys have been at play, sex toys have had overhaul after overhaul - and they don't show any sign of slowing down their innovative designs any time soon (and we welcome the updates). The earliest known dildo is estimated to be a whopping 30,000 years old - so we know it's been a natural interest of the human race for a while, and while familiar in shape, it's a far cry from the modern sex toys in NZ we enjoy today.

With the decline of porn sales, sex toy stores in NZ and the world over are making moves to provide more and more toys for their customers - because it's clear that people are ready to experience wild, explorative and fulfilling sex for themselves instead of experiencing it secondhand through a screen. Compared to back in the middle ages when fruit, bone and other questionable objects were used as sex toys, we are on a whole new planet in terms of ease of use, hygiene and knee-shaking design features.

As we move into the world of instant gratification and online living, sex toys are going to keep evolving and blowing our minds (maybe in crazier ways than we ever imagined before). We can't wait to be there, adding new technology to our collection as it grows.

Playmate: We Strive to Be The Leader in Adult Toys and Products in NZ

Playmate Adult Store is one of the leading sex stores in NZ committed to offering a huge range of options of sex toys online to fulfil the tastes and preferences of men, women, gender fluid people, couples and anyone dedicated to giving themselves the best solo action they can get. We try to stock a product of every kind and are expanding our collection all the time so that you can try different things when the need strikes.

We are dedicated to making sex normal, making sex toys NZ normal and celebrating sex in all its forms.

A Huge Collection of NZ Sex Toys for Men

We take pride in being one of the most reliably stocked online sex stores. Nz customers don't have to look overseas to other suppliers with our huge range of stock ready to go and make their place in your sex tool kit arsenal. From sex tools that enhance your performance to tempting toys that cover all your bases - our range of sex toys for men leave little to the imagination. We are proud to stock a wide range of anal products for men to explore their prostates and make that less taboo outside of gay relationships, as well as make them completely accessible for women who want them, too! There's no 'right way' to enjoy your NZ sex toys. You do you.


A Massive Collection of NZ Sex Toys for Women

We wouldn't be one of the best sex stores in NZ if we didn't cater to the many tastes and flavours that our customers deserve. With discreet vibrators, bold rabbit vibrators, dildos and more - we are proud to deliver quality sex toys to the women of New Zealand. We make sure we keep an eye on the most popular brands and create an affordable and quality version of what women want available on our website. We cater to women of all tastes and preferences and are constantly looking to expand our Nz sex toy collection to include more options for solo and couple play options.


New Zealand's Couples & Female Friendly Adult Stores

Toys are great for couples! We have a versatile range of sex toys in NZ available for straight couples, gay and lesbian couples - and hey, we won't judge if you want to use our products in group sessions (go wild)! With couples vibrators, double dildos, strap ons and a huge range of other sex toys - couples play is made easy no matter which way you swing. Introducing toys to your couple is a way to free your inhibitions, share a deeper connection based on trust and real satisfaction. We champion honesty and the credo that your sexual tastes are normal and should be celebrated.


Opening a Sex Shop

It really wasn't as seedy as some people made it out to be - in fact, running a sex shop can be downright ordinary just like any other business! Opening a sex shop came with one goal, making sex toys in Nz accessible to more people countrywide at an affordable price without scrimping on quality.

An honest business as any, sex stores in Nz follow high standards of hygiene, packaging and quality control to fill NZ homes with the sex toolkits people deserve. We made a point of wanting to offer free shipping for all our NZ sex toys and discreet packaging to make the shopping experience completely normal and carrying apprehension - especially for our first-time buyers.

Get Sex Toys NZ - Your One-Stop Sex Toy Online Shop

When you order online with us, you can feel confident that your sex toys will arrive (with free shipping) in discreet packaging so that no one but you knows about your personal purchase - unless you want to share! No uncomfortable discussions with your roomies, neighbours or anyone else. Your purchase is yours to keep private. Discreet packaging to deliver your shopping is one of our gifts to you (you are so welcome), and we ship our NZ sex toys all over New Zealand.

NZ's #1 Adult Toy Store

If you love your NZ sex toys, don't hesitate to tell us! We're always striving to be better and give our customers the products and services that they deserve. We'd love to be counted as one of your go-to shops when you're looking for sex stores in NZ, and your reviews help us get there! Whether you're treating your loved one to a spicy gift, or yourself to a brand new addition to your own NZ sex toys - we guarantee a great price, free delivery and fabulous customer service.


It's a loaded question because everyone is different. If you're nervous about sex toy exploration, start small - whether it's a discreet mini bullet vibrator, or a standard dildo, anal beads or anything else that doesn't freak out on when you click on the link - that's a good place to start! PSA: Always use lube!

If you use sex toys sensibly, in the (ahem) holes that they are designed for and with ample amounts of lube - you will be safe using sex toys. We can't take responsibility for any dangerous uses of our toys that lead to injuries. You have the power when wielding a sex toy - and with great power comes great responsibility.

Absolutely! That's part of their great appeal. Each sex toy comes with its own instructions but the general rule is to wash your toys in warm, hypoallergenic soapy water. Always check whether your toy is waterproof before submerging it to clean it!

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