Why preparation is key when it comes to anal stretching.

Anal stretching is an art form. With the right tools and toys, you may find you are more flexible than you thought!


Let's chat about stretch anal techniques - don’t sweat it, you got this.

Anal stretching is an incremental process that is highly recommended for anyone whose sex play involves them being a ‘bottom’(more on this soon), or for solo or group play with toys that penetrate your anus. Why stretch? The skin and muscles around and inside your anal passage are delicate, perhaps they have never operated as a hole that receives, and there are tears and fissures that can occur with any type of anal penetration which, believe us, you are better off avoiding. You need to take extra care with anal play as there is an increased risk of damage, and hygiene issues - and nobody wants an anal infection after a fun session.


From the bottom to the top.

Not everyone that wants to stretch their anal area is doing it with an end goal of being a bottom, but that’s what we are focusing on here. Men, women, trans, intersex - anyone with an anus basically, can have a go at anal stretching. A bottom is a person in a sex act that is being penetrated in the anus, this can be a man on man, man on woman, woman on a woman with dildo, really any combo that floats your boat and involves penetrative arse play. It is the opposite to a ‘top’ and you can swap around, try both, whatever you fancy. There are just a few things that are super helpful that you can learn so that you stretch your anus to receive a penis - or other penetrative objects - in the safest way possible.


Start small.

If you have decided to give anal stretching a go, it’s best to start with a smaller toy, even a small anal penetration can be super fun and stimulating. We recommend you start with the Wonder Training Pack. This is a great way to ensure that everything you are using on your body is custom designed for the purpose. You need to be very careful using objects that are not specifically for an anal stretch regime - very, very careful! The Wonder Training Pack is a great starter kit for novices, and a great toy/toolset to add to your everyday repertoire. You get 4 plugs in your pack ranging from small to extra-large, and these are quality items constructed from firm silken silicone which allow you to gradually build your way to a stretch that can accommodate a larger toy or a good-sized penis. The plugs taper to an easily insertable tip, and they bulge out in the centre so you can feel the different pleasures of different girths.


Staying wet is key.

If you are playing with a partner or a group, or you are just enjoying some ‘me time’ make sure that you keep your anus well lubed up. Keeping the area moist with a Water Based Lubricant will add to the fun, and will help you avoid any damage to the sensitive tissue in the area, a good lube provides a great way to greatly increase friction without having to worry about tearing. If there are a few penises in the room you can branch out with a Bussy Vibrations And Silk Touch Lubricant Combo, this opens up another level of pleasure, where you can stretch out your anus whilst simultaneously penetrating a vibrating latex canal.

Once you feel like you have measured your pleasure with the Wonder Training Pack your whole world will open up, or should I say stretch out! You can choose from some great anal toys, some that vibrate, some with beading, and some that can work further on your anal stretch towards taking a really big vibrator - or even trying some fisting. We love the Vibrating Beaded Plug as a great way to hit those hard-to-reach spots on your stretching journey and the Big Ben 12.2 Inch Dildo for the accomplished anal stretcher.

As with any sex act, there are many wonderful variations to try, and stretch anal is not just for bottoms, imagine bottoming someone while you are being stretched by a vibrating toy! The sky’s the limit with anal stretching, just remember, no rush, and be aware that if you are new to the kink it’s okay to stop if it’s not taking you where you want to go.

Practice good hygiene with your stretch anal regime. Keeping things clean as you go, and thoroughly washed when they are going back where they live means there are no unpleasant repercussions.


Get into anal stretching! Grab yourself a Wonder Training Kit now and discover new pleasure centres in your very own body!
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