How to Find the G Spot: Does It Really Exist? The Mystery Solved.

Plenty of jokes fly around about the inability of people not being able to find the g spot during intercourse, and as a result, leaving the woman feeling disproportionally dissatisfied after a sexual encounter and her partner emasculated because of cultural affiliations with the g spot being the golden gate of pleasure for women.


Here's the truth. A very small percentage of women actually orgasm through the g spot alone, meaning, through penetration alone. Less than 20%, in fact!

Here, we demystify the location of the g spot and why it shouldn't be weird to chat about why and how we should get to know our bodies, and the bodies of our partners, better! There shouldn't be a stigma or an emasculation of men not 'being able to find the g spot' if you don't have's kind of hard to practise, no? And since less than 20% of women orgasm through g spot penetration alone, those fellas bragging that no women have gone without one in their personal experiences with them - sit down, this blog is for you, too.

G-spot wielding citizens shouldn't be reduced to faking g spot orgasms, or pretending that they do orgasm through g spot penetration when really they don't hold it much regard. Many women prefer clitoral stimulation or the overall intimacy and enjoyment of intercourse. It's actually easier to just talk about it, and make the pesky g spot less demoralising for everyone! Win-win!


How to find your G Spot

Ah, the elusive G Spot. Or Gräfenberg Spot, as the nickname derives from. We know that it can be hard to find, and sometimes untraceable even for the owner of said vagina. And even if you do find it, it might not feel like the explosive earth-shattering prize that adult movies make them out to be.

This elusivity was first penned probably by a person of the male persuasion, when females were mysterious creatures from Venus and their inner workings were (and sometimes still are) a baffling world of wonders that must never be discussed at length. We think that people may still struggle to talk about female sexual pleasure, and that leads to confusion about the g spot, its location, its existence, and how to utilise this "elusive g spot" for pleasure. The conversation about how to find your g spot or any about the kind of stimulation you enjoy should never feel awkward, as, if your male or female partner is obviously enjoying themselves...then you should be, too.


Where is the g spot, exactly?

Inside of the vagina, along the front wall, there is an area known as the g spot (Gräfenberg spot), which can become aroused when stimulated during sexual activity. Located roughly an inch, or thereabouts, inside of the vaginal opening. It is closest to the belly button, if you want an outside visual and can be felt under the fingertips as the texture, just like the male p spot, changes. It can feel raised or bumpy, or it could not differ at all from the rest of your vagina.


Let's bust open some facts, for a second.

The G-spot is considered elusive because it doesn't actually have an anatomical definition, as in, people have studied women and can't agree on whether the g spot actually does exist or where it actually is. How's that for weird? Even SCIENTISTS couldn’t say with any certainty, “yes, we know where it is”.  

The g spot is, in fact, can be felt so strongly during intercourse or solo play because it is a part of the clitoral network and isn't a standalone "spot" at all. The size and proximity of the roots of the clitoral network to the vaginal wall is the deciding factor in whether or not you can experience vaginal orgasms, or "g spot" orgasms. The likelihood of this varies from woman to woman, just like height, eye colour and all genetics vary from woman to woman. 

The clitoral network swells when sexually aroused, which is why some women can feel it through their vaginal walls and even experience more intense orgasms this way. The clitoris is much bigger than we were lead to believe and can reach far enough towards the vaginal wall to cause vaginal orgasms and even female ejaculation. 

(This is why it's kind of hard to "find". It’s actually the back end of the nerves that make up your clitoris.)

Many women stimulate the g spot with a sex toy or with fingers while alone and find a lot of enjoyment in it, while others don't feel a thing. Either way, it's normal. If you enjoy solo vaginal orgasms, it can be difficult to translate to your partner how to produce the same enjoyable results you've created in private. It can feel like you are calling your partner out for not being good in bed, but that simply is not the case.

If you've experimented and found you can orgasm from internal stimulation - hooray! You can teach your partner how to locate your g spot with your help and a bit of patience, but neither of you should ever feel embarrassed to do this. You didn't come with a map and they didn't come with a g spot radar. You can even make it into a sensual game, a little game of "spot the g". (Prizes guaranteed.)

How to stimulate the g spot

This can take some experimenting, as all vaginas and g spots are different. We've established that we're trying to locate the other side of the clitoral roots through the vaginal wall, so you might have to root around in there gently with the use of fingers or sex toys while relaxed to have a bit of exploration.

For partners facing you, the general rule of g spot stimulation lies in the come hither motion. Meaning that if they insert a finger inside the vaginal opening and hook their hand in the motion of saying "come here", that is the most likely position to locate and provide the most g spot stimulation.

Many sex toys, you'll notice, are hooked or curved. This is because of the position you have to get to in order to stimulate this part of the vagina. It's harder to get at if the sex toy is dead straight. With either hands or toys, experiment with pressure, speeds, vibration or the other features some Some women can achieve vaginal orgasms with simultaneous stimulation, so it's worth trying a few different variations before throwing in the towel.

Try one of our specific g spot stimulators to achieve g spot stimulation:

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Sex positions for stimulating the g spot

When choosing sex positions to specifically penetrate and target the g spot, there are a couple of goodies that we recommend.

Doggy Style

An age-old classic that offers deep penetration and enjoyment for both parties. The position allows for natural pressure against the g spot area and promotes a g spot orgasm, if not a wild and fun time. Doggy style also allows for ample accessibility to another erogenous zone that makes the sex position even more fun. This position is achieved by bending over or getting on hands and knees and allowing your partner to penetrate you from behind while standing or kneeling. This gives him a lot of strength and control over the pressure so make sure you articulate how you're feeling.

Closed Missionary

A tighter take on the traditional missionary position. After assuming the position the regular way, you close your legs and allow your partner to straddle you. While this position doesn't allow for much depth, it creates a tighter and more intense sensation which might be perfect to find your g spot.

Pleasure and Orgasm

As we've mentioned, while many women do not orgasm through g spot stimulation, sexual pleasure comes from more than just one spot. While a g spot orgasm can be amazing, everybody is different, and every taste is, too. Sex positions are fun to experiment in the quest for the g spot but it can also be a ridiculously fun journey even if you don't end up at your planned destination.

In a nutshell? Your g spot may or may not take the main role in your sex story, but getting to know your female body better is fantastic, and opens you up to the things that you really like.