The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide: How to use a butt plug

Using a butt plug or any sex toy for the first time in the backdoor region can be a nerve-racking moment. After all, if this is your first time, it hasn't been that often that your butt opens to both lanes of traffic. But, it is common amongst normal people! More people than you'll ever know regularly enjoy butt plugs as part of their daily sex lives.

In this handy guide to butt plugs, we'll take you through everything you need to know, from choosing the suitable sex toy to anal play tips to make your butt plug exploration experience a good one.


What is a butt plug? What is it used for?

While most sex toys tote around ambiguous and slightly obscure names, butt plugs are refreshingly clear. They do exactly as they sound, they are plugs for your butt. Like any other sex toy, a butt plug is designed for your pleasure, and both men and women are known to enjoy them. By inserting butt plugs into your anus, you bring awareness to that area and an internal pressure that arouses and heightens any other sexual play. There are a lot of nerve endings in your anus to send your capacity to feel pleasure soaring through the roof, so butt play has long been popular during penetrative sex as well as other sexual encounters.

Men, due to the presence of their prostate, often enjoy butt plugs a lot more than their female playmates - although this isn't a rule, by any standard. The prostate is a fleshy walnut-sized gland found just inside your anus, and when pressed or massaged, it creates pleasurable outcomes. Some men swear by orgasms this way. Some women do, too.

Quality butt plugs are made out of either silicone or medical grade plastics, making them safe to insert into your body and easy to clean for hygiene purposes. Plugs can come with all kinds of fancy features and weird shapes, depending on where you shop. A vibrating butt plug is obviously a little more advanced for playtime than a standard butt plug, and it is fun to add different styles to your collection as your confidence with anal play grows.


A butt plug can act as an anal training kit.

The butt plug serves more than just one purpose. Folks wanting to get more into anal sex may use butt plugs in increasing sizes to "train" their anuses. We don't mean they perform tricks, but your anus is a cavity that isn't used to backwards action, and when you want to be able to accommodate a larger dildo or partner, you may want to get some stretch in your daily activities by using butt plugs or other anal toys to make it easier to graduate to full-blown anal sex. Using a butt plug, for this reason, follows the exact same steps as using it for pleasure alone. You just may buy more than one size and work your way up to achieve the desired depth and girth you eventually want to experience during anal sex.

At Playmate, we supply a Wonder Training Pack for this exact purpose! 


Now you know what butt plugs are, let's move on to the fun part! How to use a butt plug safely.

Tip One: You're going to want to use lube.

Lube is an absolute must-have when inserting a butt plug or any kind of sex toy into your anus. Why? Your butt can not produce its own lubrication, and therefore it's not a good idea to go in dry. Shoving a butt plug inside yourself without proper lubrication can cause damage to your rectum and be a deeply uncomfortable experience, so as a rule: no lube, no entry. 

We recommend using a water-based lubricant, which is safer for use with condoms if you are sharing the plug with others. Yes, if you are sharing the plug with other people, you want to take precautions for your sexual health and use a new condom over the butt plug for each user. This prevents the spread of bacteria between you. (Butts can carry a fair bit of that, as you can imagine.)

Tip Two: Choose the right size buttplug

For a first time anal play explorer, start with a small to medium-sized model.

Here at Playmate Adult Store, we stock a few different sizes, including the perfect starter buttplug - the Instant Delight Butt Plug, no fuss or bells - just a reliable, affordable butt plug for both beginners and experts. If you want to try something a little bigger, the Ribbed Pleasure Butt Toy is a great option.

Tip Three: Easing into it

Now you've got your butt plug, and it's all nice and lubed up, you can use it. Just like with first-time anal sex, ease into it. There's no joy in ramming it in there. Find a comfortable position and get yourself into a relaxed state. This could mean stimulating other erogenous zones of your body first until you feel comfortable inserting a butt plug into your bottom very carefully and gently. Listen to your body and tailor your anal play to what feels good. Using a butt plug should not be painful. If at any point you experience pain, stop, try adding more lube as it could be too dry, and go gently.

We will point out that anal play is not for everyone, and it may not be 'your thing', and that's ok! You never know unless you try, right? So if you're experiencing discomfort or pain during anal play, it's best to give a rest and explore other sex toys.

Tip Four: Common courtesy

This rule applies to any sex toy. Never spring anal play upon your sexual partners without first gaining explicit consent. What sets you on fire may not be your partner’s cup of tea. Tread lightly on this subject, introduce the option verbally, never use your butt plug on others without consent. 


Fun uses for butt plugs.

Using a butt plug can add a bit of spice to your sexual exploration that you've been yearning for, for men and women alike. Butt plugs are a great addition to sex and definitely don't have to be used alone. Try these fun tips to find your perfect way to use a butt plug in the bedroom!

  • During masturbation. Wearing a butt plug during solo-play is a way to heighten the experience for all sexes, as the butt plug may not be able to get you over the finish line by itself. Couple with vibrators, dildos, or go all-natural and add the extra stimulation to your me-time.
  • Use in the shower - especially if you're worried about the butt aspect of the butt plug. The shower means you can enjoy yourself and then have a super easy time cleaning up!
  • During intercourse. Both sexes can enjoy wearing a butt plug during intercourse to add a new dimension to the sensations the wearer experiences.

There you have it! Our top tips on how to use a butt plug, how to get started, and things to try. As you get more experienced with butt plugs, you may discover incredible sensations using different styles of butt plugs in conjunction with other toys or by simply using them alone. The bedroom is your playground, and a butt plug could become your new favourite sex toy - and hey, you'll never know until you try it.

Go forth, explorers, and dive deep!

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