Kick-start your carnal fun with a cuppa coffee before sex

While we all know the ritual of sharing something as seemingly “innocent” as a simple cup of coffee with the object of your desire is the prelude to many a rip-roaring bedroom romp, did you know that there are male virility coffees specially targeted at maximising these mind-blowing interludes? 

Indeed, there are! And they’re the perfect support to prolong your pleasure, reinvigorate your stamina and boost your performance. 

Why coffee before sex could actually lead to better sex

From the humble and mundane to the weird, wonderful, and thoroughly exotic, there are a ton of ingredients naturally occurring in many dishes and countless drinks which can make your sex life sizzle. 

A cup of java alone has been proven to be the ideal energy drink before sex. Caffeine increases blood flow by opening the blood vessels, which may assist with erections and sexual performance. But what if you added a few potent components to the mix for an extra kick of kinky vooma in a convenient, delicious, and super satisfying energy drink before sex? 

Our 4 Men Virility Coffee contains specially formulated herbal extracts, including Rhodiola, Radix Ginseng, Cinnamon Extract and Polygonatum. According to WebMD, Rhodiola has been shown to have a beneficial effect in enhancing sexual function and sexual health by supporting and improving erections, enhancing the male response to orgasms, and generally increasing overall satisfaction and pleasure. Yes, please! 

Polygonatum, also known as Solomon’s Seal, is just the tantalising ticket to arouse passion, while Ginseng has long been known for its extraordinary ability to promote endurance, enhance performance and support healthy male sexual functioning and hormonal balance. Mother Nature sure knows how to rock your world!

Why premature ejaculation happens (and how to avoid any ‘shortcum-ing’)

It’s every guy’s worst nightmare, right? And a real downer for their sexual partner too! You’re just getting into the sexy swing of things, and you’re ambushed by an unfortunate ‘foregasm’. It happens to the best of us and is absolutely nothing to feel embarrassed or ashamed about! 

It’s a very common problem affecting around 30% to 40% of men. Why premature ejaculation happens is something researchers have been studying for years. There can be a variety of both physiological and psychological factors. These range from chemical and hormonal imbalances, to stress, emotional overload and even injury or illness. 

Premature ejaculation takes place during sexual intercourse when a man reaches orgasm and ejaculates earlier than he or his partner are anticipating or would like. As a premature ejaculation solution, 4Men Virility Coffee may not solve or prevent premature ejaculation (or PE as it’s commonly referred to) from happening, but it can support that journey by providing a little bit of a welcome pick me up and the perfect pairing to prolonged pleasure!

Virility Coffee and cock rings – the match made in heaven 

As an energy drink before sex 4Men Sex Coffee can be paired with our Playmate cock ring (available in a combo deal with either a large or small cock ring). 

Another decadent and delightful duo is to team up all the benefits of the 4Men Sex Coffee with one of our pretty awesome penis pumps That way you’ll simultaneously be adding the ultimate erotic edge to your encounter and sorting any PE issues before they even arise (although, if you excuse the pun, you’ll definitely be rising to the occasion!).

Our penis pumps are a doddle to use and so darn effective. Simply place your penis inside the transparent chamber, squeeze the trigger and give the pump a chance to work its magic. The vacuum draws blood into your erection causing it to feel stronger and more substantial, and you’ll last longer. A pleasure or cock ring is a terrific way to improve your stamina and guarantee results that make your head spin.

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Soon you’ll be incorporating coffee before sex, not only as an ingenious premature ejaculation solution, but also as the ultimate aphrodisiac for any amorous adventure. 

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