Living on the edge. Erotic sexual denial and how sex toys spice up your foreplay.

Did you know delaying pleasure can produce explosive results? Edging is hot, it’s here, and you need to know about it now. Read on for sex toy tips that will make the fun last!

Ever thought about the power of delayed pleasure? The humble handjob has come a long way, and edging handjobs are a hot way to delay pleasure when flying solo or add anticipation to partner play. Edging is popular in BDSM circles as a way for a dom to control a sub. However, anyone can incorporate these clever tricks to spice it up or slow it down.

Orgasm Control 

So what exactly is edging? Imagine you are stimulating yourself or a partner, you get some rhythm going, and just as they are about to cum…  you stop. There is some pretty intense pleasure right before orgasm. When you get into edging, you can repeatedly bring yourself or your playmate back to the point before finally releasing - or unleashing - a major build-up of cum. Although edging handjobs are a popular way to use erotic control to drive yourself or someone else wild, this sexy stimulation system doesn’t end there.

Tease Time

Teasing can be erotic for both parties; it’s pretty sexy to take complete control of someone else's pleasure, and sex toys can help you maintain the hard on you want for longer. Popping a cock ring on the base of your man’s penis while you lick the tip and work the shaft means that when you want to keep him humming but stop him cumming, all you need to do is remove the extra stimulation you are providing. If you keep the cock ring on a low speed, he will go down a notch but likely stay good and hard.

Using Sex Toys For Edging

For men prone to unleashing the beast a little earlier than is ideal, edging handjobs that use a cock ring for extra control are a great way to practice slowing down ejaculation there is more time to play. This also means that your partner will have a better chance of reaching orgasm before you boosh your load! Edging can be applied across all your erogenous zones, and adding in anal stimulation is a great place to play with moving toward completion and then pulling back.

Ass Play and Edging

Working with edging techniques and ass play can also be super fun. If you really want to take control of your own timeline or work some edging magic on your man, we recommend utilising vibrating sex toys that come with a remote control. A terrific way to incorporate a remote-controlled vibe is to pop a cock ring on really low, then rim the anus with an Ultimate Vibe & Remote Vibrator; you can judge when it’s time to stop things escalating on the ass, and with the press of a button, hey presto! There is no need to penetrate the anus at any point with edging unless he’s begging for it ;)

Longer & Stronger

Using sex toys for edging handjobs adds an extra layer of pleasure, and a quick stop is a great way to build control. Edging is all about delayed pleasure; it’s going to make your sex last longer and your orgasms stronger - and who’s going to be mad at that?!

Pretty much any sex toy can be incorporated into an edging session; just use your imagination!

Think about trying a little edging next time you masturbate with your favourite dildo, then apply what you learn in to partner play.

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