How to Use Rabbit Vibrators - Everything you need to know

How to Use Rabbit Vibrators - Everything you need to know to branch out into bunny world!

Rabbit vibrators are often the items on the shelf that stare you down from the far side of the store, with their gadgets, beaded parts, ribbed heads, bright colours...and little bunny antenna. Rabbit vibrators kind of look like they are flipping you the bird, and that can make approaching them a little more difficult than anticipated. We are here to shake the intimidation and get in deep with rabbit vibrators - figuring out what they can do (which, is a lot) and how to use them.


What exactly is a Rabbit Vibrator?

Rabbits, while they look hardcore and only for the practised sexual deviant - are toys, with many functions so that everyone can benefit from their many stimulative options. Rabbit Vibrators do it all for anyone wielding a vulva because of its design to cover all of your bases. 

A rabbit is typically made up of a long, curved penetrative wand designed to hit your g spot coupled with the tell-tale ‘rabbit ears’ clitoral stimulator nearer the base of the toy. Each rabbit design varies, but in the base will be a motor with various vibration modes and swivelling action capabilities with customisable speeds. The two bunny ears are designed to sit on either side of your clitoris and provide full vibrating stimulation while the wand hits your g spot at the same time, swivelling or vibrating too. 

The ‘rabbit ears’ can also be pinpoint shapes or rounded and not actually resemble the ears at all. Some people don’t like the ‘cute’ aspect of a vibrator rabbit, so more streamlined designs suit them better. Whatever your visual taste, the rabbit is a great piece of design genius that really gets the imagination (and your senses) going! 


How do you use it?

Just like other penetrative sex toys, a vibrating rabbit works best with lube to make the experience even more comfortable - especially if it’s your first time playing with a Rabbit toy. Generally speaking, lube is a must in all toy playtime or sexual encounters unless you know you 100% don’t need it (but it still adds to your comfort regardless if you ‘need’ it or not!) 

Make sure to insert the wand carefully and use the buttons to gradually work your way up from the lower speeds and levels to find your happy place in maximum comfort. And you don’t have to use both the wand and the stimulator at the same time! Use just the clit stimulator, or just the wand, with or without the vibrations and other functions - it’s basically a vibrator that does - it - all! Using Rabbits with a partner an invigorating and easy way to play, but if using alone and you find it difficult to reach down for a period of time, try propping your feet up on a pillow for that extra support. 

If you want the mindblowing experience of inner and outer stimulation in tandem, then a Rabbit Vibrator is an absolute must in your toy kit! 


What to consider when choosing your rabbit!

When you pick your first rabbit (or your 10th), consider the materials it is made out of. All legitimate sex toys should be made of medical-grade or body-safe silicon. Check the specs, the material should be stated! Next thing to consider is the functionality. What kind of rabbit do you want? 

Rabbits come in all shapes and sizes, with rotating capability or just vibration, different rabbit ear variations and other features that vary from model to model. Some are even waterproof making it your new best friend in the bath or shower! Many people enjoy the waterproof functionality, not just for the wet and wild aspect - but because although rabbits are relatively quiet for what they are capable of - the running water of a shower stifles the sound even more -making it a discreet and hygienic way to play. Better yet - you can just clean up in the shower and no one was ever the wiser! 

The jury’s out. The rabbit is not just for Charlotte and ladies of Sex & the City anymore!


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