Sex Toys As Part Of Your Wellness

Ever wondered ‘does orgasm release stress’? Oh yeah, baby, let's tense up and then relax!

Playtime for your health; it’s time to whip out the sex toys, let go of your worries, and bliss out.

While you are reading this, you should take a few deep breaths - or do some Kegels, try to get a little distracted. It’s time we all come back to horny, happy and healthy, and sex toys are a great way to access your inner peace and let off some steam. While we would all like to be paragons of virtue and start the day with a workout and smoothie combo, it’s important to be realistic about how much stress that whole idea is actually causing. How about waking up, rolling over, and reaching for your favourite sex toy at the bedside table? Does orgasm release stress therapy sound a little more appealing than Bootcamp and celery juice? We think so!

The wide world of orgasm release stress toys - the great equaliser.

Whether you are new to sex toys or have had to build a new room in your house to house your collection, you will benefit from a few tips and tricks that will see you letting all those stressors drift away on a cloud of self-pleasure. If you are looking to release stress with a partner or a group, sex toys are an excellent addition to the room to ensure that everyone who plays gets the same stress release. And for those who find it difficult to climax with penetrative sex or digital/oral stimulation, this may just be your golden ticket to that sweet spot. Learning what gets you off is an important part of sexual satisfaction, and if you want to spend a bit of time getting to know where you like to be stimulated, we have a great selection of sex toys that will get you started towards serenity.

The Dildo - A classic start.

If you want to discover ‘does orgasm release stress’ the classic Dildo is a great place to start. This is a good toy for all sexes to have a go with, and if you launch into your health kick with a friend, you may like to work on your wellness with a Double Fantasy Couples Dildo. The way this works is up to you, you can slip the larger flexible head into a vagina and use the smaller flexible head for anal penetration on yourself or a partner, or you can go solo and double down on letting go of some stress. You, of course, can also switch this around the other way - whatever suits. Either way, this sex toy is totally waterproof, and it loves a splash of lube to keep your sex therapy session going for as long as you need it to. You can wash it down easily afterwards, and it springs back to its original shape once you are nice and relaxed.

Feeling all the good vibes.

There is nothing like the Horny Rabbit 36 Function Vibrator to get the oxytocin flowing into your brain when you really want to ramp up the good vibes. Oxytocin is the magic hormone that makes you feel like you are being held just right and every little thing is going to be okay. Orgasms are great for releasing oxytocin, which decreases stress and inflammation in your body. The Horny Rabbit 36 Function Vibrator is designed to help you achieve maximum arousal by providing a vibrating shaft and a butterfly off to the side, which you can use indoors for g spot stimulation, or outdoors for your clitoris or anus. This means you get stroked and touched at the same time, feel that stress starting to slip away yet? 

So the answer to the question ‘does orgasm release stress’? Is a stiff, firm, hard, yes. There is a scientific explanation, and you can’t argue with a sex toy/science combo.

Next time it’s all getting on top of you (in a bad way), and you feel like releasing the hounds, release the sex toys instead. Reduce inflammation, boost immunity, and feel satisfied and happy - it’s a no brainer!

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