The Best Sex Toys for Spicing Up the Bedroom

No matter your orientation, there's a sex toy for everyone

Let’s talk about sex (baby.) Specifically, let’s talk about using sex toys - together. 

You’re going to want to grab your significant other for this one. 

If you already are well versed with your couples toybox, then you can scroll straight down, fun friend, and see what we’re suggesting you add to your collection. If you’re new to couples sex toy play, however, or are just a bit curious, then strap in and let’s dive into it. 

Introducing sex toys for couples to the bedroom

Woah, slow down, blogger. EASE INTO IT.  

Yeah, I hear you. Doing new stuff in bed can be a bit confronting or scary. Sometimes it’s the adrenalin-filled kind of scary that feels kind of the same as bungee jumping. But sometimes it can feel like the other kind of scary that you need a good slap to wake up from. Fear of trying something new gets to ev-er-y-body, and the idea of trying a sex toy for couples with your partner might get you really excited with the possibilities, or launch you into the other state of fear that shall not be named. Either way, there’s not really much point beating around the bush - you don’t know if you love it - until you try it! 

Whether you’re hetero, bi, straight, gay, lesbian (or anything under our infinite rainbow coloured sun) using a sex toy in your couple for the first time ever should be exhilarating, full of trust, fun, and a sexy sense of exploration. 

How to Use Sex Toys Safely - Together

Communication is key.

That starts the day you decide to buy a sex toy for the intended use of bringing it into your couple. Discussing whether both parties are interested in that kind of play is part of the fun, the intimacy and the general understanding of each other - which leads to better sexual experiences with that person. It doesn't have to be a scene out of fifty shades of grey (but if it is, wahey, go for it!) to be a great experience while using sex toys for couples!

Use lube.

Lots of it. Especially for penetrative sex. The first time you use a sex toy for couples play, you may be so nervous that natural lubrication is hard to come by. Lube is always recommended as the perfect partner for any sex toys to minimise any uncomfortable friction and allow for gentle, easy insertion for penetrative sex toys. If you are gay, put a condom on a dildo or vibrator if you’re intending to share it with your partner as it means you don’t have to pause the moment to wash the dildo in between users, just replace the condom and away you go! 

Sex toys we recommend to spice up the bedroom 

The best sex toys for couples come in many shapes and sizes of product, depending on your sexual preference and how you like to play. While we have everything from a bullet vibrator to a rampant rabbit and anal plugs - we’re going to go through some of our all-time sex toys for couples favourites. 

The Vibrating Cock Ring

Vibrating cock rings like this one are great for adding a little bit of pizazz to your sexual experience, complete with vibrating bunny ears to give her some clitoral stimulation as well. Those ears can also be used for scrotum stimulation - just turn this guy around to be upside down and experience double vibrational trouble! A cock ring is designed to let him last for longer, all while edging both of you closer to a bigger climax. Couple this with a butt plug and you've got yourself a party.

The Backdoor Joy Anal Plug

Whether you want to massage your p-spot or that of your lover, this butt plug does just the trick. Being not intimidatingly large, he suits a lot of users! If you're not using it for the backdoor, lube it up and use it for some clitoral stimulation or for easing into penetrative toy exploration. This is one of the best sex toys for versatility!

The We Vibe Couples Vibrator

Ever fantasised about being in control of your partner's pleasure - without even having to touch her? This popular sex toys for couples come from the famous sex toy brand, We Vibe, and offers the kind of naughtiness we love in the bedroom. Using a remote control, this vibrator offers clitoral stimulation as well as the g spot so you can be standing up to three metres away and watch her writhe in pleasure. This is a must-have on our sex toys for couples list! The remote control is USB chargeable - so no batteries needed! Let her go hands-free!

The Ribbed Fantasy Dildo

This one is a winner. And, at that price, it would be rude not to! This is one of the best sex toys due to its wide appeal. Ribbed features make for a stimulative ride, no matter where you want to put it. Letting your partner take the reins makes the hands free experience of this toy exhilarating and one not to forget anytime soon! While there's nothing quite like a vibrating cock toy, this guy is old-school and lets you decide how fast you want to go!

There we have it! Some of our favourite sex toys for couples in a nutshell - we'd go on, but really, we could talk about them all night! If you want to experience some empowering sex with your partner, choose a sex toy or two to bring into your bedroom and let the sex games begin!

If you want to try out some of our sex toys for couples, or sex toys for solo play - check out our whole sex toy range here!