The Pleasure Cup - The Male Masturbator Turning Women Green With Envy

The down-low on pleasure cups: the male sex toys that are shaking up the way you spend your downtime.

Pocket pussy, fleshlight, pleasure cup, stroker, willyholster, sex sleeve - whatever you choose to call male masturbators - you probably want to know why you should have one in your toolbox. Let's jump in.

What is a male masturbator?

Guys have been finding genius sleeve-like solutions to self masturbate since, I don't know, the beginning of time. The modern male masturbator that you now find readily for sale in sex toy stores have undergone a complete transformation to look and feel like the real thing. In the form of a sleeve (sometimes called a cup), the male masturbators have been designed, redesigned, and designed again by big brands like Fun Factory and Doc Johnson to find the perfect solution to male masturbation. So much money had been thrown at sex toys for women that the companies marketing to mainly women were missing a huge trick by not spending the same money on developing a wide range of masturbatory sex toys for men. 

Apparently, and thankfully, everybody came to their senses.

Pleasure cups are gummy sleeves of silicone or medical, flexible plastics that are full of soft nodules, different textures and a tight sleeve designed to copy the desired squeeze of a real vagina or mouth and throat. You can actually turn some cup models inside out to see all the different features inside, and to clean them too! The soft, fleshy inside of the male masturbators often comes inside a plastic cup that makes it easier to wield and store them.

Get your own porn star?

Well, kind of...

Doc Johnson was the first company to release a male sex toy that was actually moulded off the actual genitals of an adult movie star. (Can't help but imagine how strange that process is for the star...or the person taking the mould, for that matter.) 

First, they started off making a replica penis of male star, John Holmes. Since that product was so successful, Doc and co next moved on to replicate a female star's famous bits - her name was Barbara Dare.

This personalised concept connected men and women at home to their favourite adult movie stars, allowing them to feel closer than ever before with the best sex toys to enjoy a realistic sensation while also getting in a bit of visual stimulation. And it turns out that the stars were thrilled with the toy result, too! Porn stars everywhere rejoice! Once a popular sex toy has been modelled on your genitals, you've probably made it. 

Nowadays, pleasure cups are often based on real people, and through years of development, they now emulate the feel and look of real human anatomy. Needless to say, we've come a long way since the Romans had to lube up loaves of bread as a sex toy. (Wowzers.)

How do you use a male masturbator?

Once you get the hang of it, male masturbators are a doddle to use. All you have to remember before starting to massage your penis with it, is to lube it up. We can not stress this enough. Heard of the term "going in dry?" - nope, nope...and nope - we do not want that kind of painful friction for you. Using a water-based personal lubricant is ideal and makes the massager sleeve slide up and down your shaft with no hesitation, meaning you won't experience any jarring sensations when a pleasure cup is too dry. As far as male sex toys go, this one is one of the very best, fantasy inducing and best sex toys you can add to your kit.

All the sensation - none of the social stress.

If you live a busy life, the idea of casual sex can be a tiresome game. The risks involved can outweigh the benefits, which is why male masturbators are becoming more and more popular. Because the pleasure cups are shaped like a real vagina or mouth (your choice), they can make your immediate need for sexual release so much easier - and more convenient while still feeling way too real to be allowed.

A pleasure cup is, in our opinion, the best male tool for sexual release if heading out the door to find a partner for the night isn't on the cards. While going out is awesome, and meeting new sexual partners is fantastic, sometimes all you want to do is be able to pull out a massager that delivers the realistic release from the comfort of your own home. And you're in full control, so you get exactly what you like every single time.

How do you keep a male masturbator sleeve clean?

Pretty easily, it turns out! Any good toy designed to massage your penis is going to come with a simple cleaning regime, for obvious reasons. We must stress that you SHOULD clean your pleasure cup after every use. With warm water and hypoallergenic (gentle) soap, you can easily rinse your cup after use and leave it to thoroughly air dry - or you can pat it dry with a clean paper towel if you can’t exactly leave it lying around for your roommates to discover. Make sure you allow it to dry before stashing it away, as a damp sex toy is a haven for mildew and bacteria to grow. Easy!

Time to add a massager extraordinaire to your list of 'must-haves?'

Using a sleeve for the first time will seriously blow your mind; we don't mind saying so. If you're looking for male sex toys to make your evenings in so much more enticing, then you can't go wrong with our ridiculously affordable male masturbators, the Playmate Pleasure Cup range. With prices this low, we think you'd be mad not to experience how real it can feel.

If all else fails, we hear the Romans really enjoyed those bread loaves...