How To Use a Penis Pump

How To Use a Penis Pump

Kicking out the stigma and getting down to business!

Penis Pumps are sometimes surrounded by an unnecessary amount of embarrassment when really, they are just another tool used to enhance sexual pleasure - for both parties involved! A penis pump functions by using considerable suction to draw blood into the shaft of the penis, therefore making it erect and ready for sexual activity.


What is a penis pump?

A penis pump is made up of a single plastic tube coupled with a battery or hand-operated pump, and more often than not - a constriction ring to use on the base of the penis. The penis pump is one of the only non-medicated solutions for ED (Erectile Dysfunction). It can be seen as a more preferable solution to taking medications every day or being subjected to more invasive procedures. Erectile Dysfunction tends to affect men more as they get older, but can affect men of any age!


How does it work?

The suction of a penis pump causes blood to quickly fill the blood vessels in a penis, which causes the penis to swell - so that it gets bigger and harder - but only temporarily! The effects can last around 30 min, but everyone is different and will experience a slightly different timeframe! All of the factors involved in your sexual encounter will determine how long the penis pump will be able to keep you erect for, such as your arousal level or when in your session you started to use the pump.


The steps to use a penis pump are as follows:

  1. Insert your penis into the pump tube.
  2. Use the provided hand or electric pump until all the air is sucked out of the tube. Voila! There is your suction! 
  3. Continue using the pump until your penis is erect, no more than 30 minutes to avoid damage to your penis. 
  4. Once erect, you remove the tube.
  5. To maintain the erection for longer, you can place a penis ring (constriction ring) at the base of your shaft. The ring holds the blood in your penis for longer, generally allowing you to enjoy penetrative sex or other intimate touching - for longer. 
  6. You can use the pump as much as you like, as long as you use it safely.

And it’s as simple as that!


Why do people use penis pumps?

You might be asking this because erections come to you easily, and that’s great, but unfortunately, not all men are as lucky to enjoy erections on tap (but wouldn’t it be awesome if they could?) A penis pump, otherwise known as a ‘vacuum erection device’ is used to temporarily solve erectile dysfunction - or the inability to raise an erection for long enough to enjoy a meaningful sexual encounter. That’s not a fun way for anybody to live! Absolutely everyone has the right to be able to have enjoyable sexual experiences without feeling embarrassed, awkward or uncomfortable about using a penis pump as a sexual tool. Much like a condom is a tool for preventing sexually transmitted diseases, and lube is a tool to combat dryness, penis pumps are a tool to make the session last longer! 


What to Consider When Choosing A Penis Pump

  • Your health history
  • Penis pumps aren’t for everyone, and if you suffer from a blood disorder, take blood thinner medication or have a history of blood clots, then a penis pump should not be used without consulting your medical practitioner first. Too much suction and air pressure in the penis pump tube can cause minimal bleeding underneath your skin, and therefore, should be avoided if your blood is compromised. 

  • What the advertising says
  • If the pump is claiming that it can permanently make your penis LARGER, then it probably doesn’t know what it’s selling… unfortunately there is no solution to enlarge a penis permanently. The blood being drawn into your shaft creates an erection, which makes your penis appear larger, but that is just how big your penis is when erect, and that’s all yours to feel good about. The best pumps to go for are marketed specifically for erectile dysfunction and are preferably FDA-approved to avoid any ineffective models. 

  • The Size of the Pump
  • Most pumps are a one-size-fits-all design. However, you know your penis, and you know if it is bigger or small than the average Joe. Choose a pump size and design that suits your fella best. If you’re coupling the penis pump with a penis ring (constriction ring), also consider the size of that too. Choosing one that is too small can be painful, so always use one that fits and follow the instructions the first time you use it. 

  • Consider Using Lube
  • Lube can make sliding the tube on and off your shaft much easier, and can even improve the airtightness of the pump which could help your results.  

  • Preparation
  • Each pump will come with its own set of directions and recommendations and it’s important to follow those directions. Still, there are a couple of suggested preparations that you can try that make using a penis pump more comfortable. As previously mentioned, having lube to hand is a useful aid in making the removal of the pump effortless. Some forums and instructions recommend shaving or clipping your pubic hair around the base of your shaft - this claims to reduce the risk of hairs being snagged in the ring which avoids a potentially painful situation (and nothing kills a boner like a yanked pubic hair, am I right?)

    The takeaway from this is that a penis pump is a sexual tool like any other, designed to enhance and prolong your sexual pleasure - alone or with a partner. Here at Playmate, we supply a range of penis pumps suitable for all shapes and sizes. The sooner you give yourself the aid you deserve, the sooner you can dive into a whole new world of sexual freedom, fulfil your partners for longer, and get your stride back! 

    Get on board and shop our range today!