What are Geisha Balls? And how do I use them?

What are they, and how do I use them? 

In this blog, we dive headfirst into the wonderful world of Geisha Balls, which as a name, makes them sound kind of fantastical. Besides delivering a unique sexual stimulant for vagina wielding citizens - Geisha Balls have been used for generations as proven pelvic floor strengthening tools!

Warning: Geisha Balls are absolutely NOT for anal play - they are not designed to go anywhere near your bottom, as they can slip into your colon and would need to be surgically removed. Not a great way to end a date night. Find one of our anal play options here!

Let’s get to it!

So, what the heck are Geisha Balls?

Geisha Balls are two weighted balls made of silicone or medical grade material that are threaded onto a longer ‘string’ of silicone or nylon. If you can imagine threading beads onto a string to make a necklace, that is what they look like - albeit these two balls are much larger and heavier than your average bead. Geisha Balls come in different sizes and weights, to suit different body types and tastes - so you can always be sure to find your perfect match somewhere in the Geisha Ball alumni. Geisha Balls go by many names: Kegel Balls, Ben wa Balls, Venus Balls, Pleasure Balls...you get the idea. Having been used for centuries as a tool for strengthening and tightening pelvic floor muscles, Geisha Balls are more popular now for their other intimate uses - mainly for enhancing sexual stimulation.

Geisha Balls are effective at strengthing pelvic floor muscles when used carefully and correctly - which, any mama out there will know, is an important part of keeping your bits and pieces altogether after giving birth or as we age. Consider Geisha Balls as the dumbbells for your vagina. They are weights, and by clenching them with your pelvic muscles - those muscles get stronger pretty fast.


How do you use Geisha Balls?

Please note: Always check with your doctor first before inserting Geisha Balls if you are: pregnant or still recovering from childbirth, use a menstrual cup, have an intrauterine device, have recently undergone gynaecological surgery, have pelvic pain or active pelvic infection or any condition that may affect your enjoyment or safety of use.


Whether you are using the Geisha Balls for sensual enhancement, or for giving your pelvic floor a good workout - the first steps are the same. 

  1. Wash your hands and the Geisha Balls with antibacterial soap and warm water, drying both thoroughly with a clean towel. 
  2. Grab some lube and lie down in a comfortable position; legs wide is often the easiest for administration. Some people prefer to squat, but you will find your own preferred position after a bit of practise. 
  3. Making sure that you’re comfy, lather the balls in water-based lube, as well as the entrance to your vagina for less friction on entry. 
  4. Very carefully, and slowly (especially if this is your first time), insert the first of the balls inside your vagina. 
  5. Once you have relaxed into the first one, as it can feel a bit strange at first, check that the ‘string’ that is designed to be kept on the outside of your body is not tucked under the second ball. This stops the string from being inserted as well, which makes removing the balls harder - not impossible - but harder. 
  6. With the removal string safely located, you can slide the second ball inside yourself and find a comfortable position for them. 
  7. Now you are ready to go about your day! You can walk, move and do pretty much anything within reason with Geisha Balls inserted - like you can with a tampon or menstrual cup. 

Using Geisha Balls for Sexual Pleasure

The spotlight has shone on Geisha Balls thanks to their participation in movies like 50 Shades Darker, of the 50 Shades of Grey series. That may be enough to make you think “That movie isn’t for me...so these aren’t for me…” but, hold on a second, that masquerade was probably the most normal thing that happened in those movies. 

Geisha Balls are designed, with their weight and girth, to apply pressure on your vaginal walls. This alone may not do anything for you, or it may be all you need for self-stimulation! Users have coupled Geisha Balls with external stimulation of the clitoris or erogenous zones, and some claim it is wildly fun to wear them out in public (or as per partner request ala 50 Shades Darker.) Whatever your fancy may be, Geisha Balls are definitely a way to introduce a more intimate element to your daily activities. For a lot of people, the sensation is rather tingly or just of pressure that intensifies when you perform a dynamic action like bending over or sitting down. 

Use them for the start of exciting foreplay, as the longer you leave them in - the more intense intercourse will be. Remember - you must remove them before inserting another toy, or engage in penetrative sex. 

Using Geisha Balls for Pelvic Floor Exercises

Once the balls are inserted with a coat of lube, it is fairly simple to follow a quick pelvic floor exercise that can be repeated 3 or 4 times a day. Be very to not overexert yourself or squeeze for longer than a few seconds as you can risk a strained muscle. 

  1. While lying down, tighten your pelvic muscles - focusing on grabbing the Geisha Balls. By tightening these particular muscles, you will be lifting and squeezing your pelvic floor - engaging it and making it stronger. 
  2. Squeeze the Geisha Balls with your pelvic muscles for 3 seconds before relaxing. 
  3. Wait 5 seconds before squeezing again for another 3 seconds. 
  4. Repeat these steps about 4-5 times to complete 1 set. 
  5. You can repeat this set 3-5 times a day depending on your experience and strength. 
  6. Whatever you do, go easy, and listen to your body. If it feels like you’re going to pull something - you probably are, so stop, and reduce the number of seconds that you hold for and the number of sets until you build up your pelvic muscle strength. 

Strengthening your pelvic floor has a huge list of benefits, including helping prevent and reduce suffering from incontinence or a weak bladder, as well as the potential to make orgasms more intense the stronger your pelvic muscles become.

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