Why More Men Are Using Sex Toys. It’s fun, you’ll come, and it’s not all up the bum

When it comes to using sex toys women seemed to have had the jump, but guess what? More men are using sex toys and they are LOVING it!

There are a bunch of myths about using sex toys that need debunking. A big one is that sex toys are for women, or for men who enjoy sex with other men. We often see women in shows and movies with the classic vibrator in the bedside table, and there are really no mainstream depictions of sex toy use by heterosexual men that come immediately to mind. Buckle up boys, sex toys are here to stay and there are lots of reasons you should be exploring this arena. 

It’s not a competition!

A myth that appears to have been circulating forever is that if your partner brings a dildo into your bedroom play, it’s because your penis is inadequate. The chances of this being true are slim to none; how about you think about it like this. Sharon slips the Lipstick Vibe Portable Vibrator where she wants it while you go to town upstairs; by the time you are ready for penetrative sex, she is pretty much ready to come, mate, what’s not to like about a little less work and a lot more pleasure?

Using sex toys means you’re gay

I mean, for starters, who cares? If you are hung up on this at this time in history, you probably need to experiment with Lil Johny (8 inches) immediately. Yes, some gay men like to be penetrated by a penis, dildo or butt plug, but guess what, you may just enjoy opening yourself up to new experiences too! However, if you are dead sure you don’t want Big Ben (12.2 inches) Dildo to be your Daddy for the day, that’s okay; there are loads of sex toys for men that don’t involve penetration. You can play by yourself, with a partner, or as part of a group, and there are a bunch of cool ways to get a helping hand from sex toys for men these days. Whether you want to prolong sex, try something different, or get your penis harder than it’s ever been before.

Hands Free? Pick Me!

Harder than ever, I hear you ask? Did you know sex toys for men aren’t all about using sex toys? Did you know that if you want to last longer, there’s a spray you can use? It’s called Max Size Prolong Spray, and this is a safe way to keep it up for longer and prevent premature ejaculation. Boom! Sorted! You can even use this when you are indulging in a little solo afternoon delight, and if you really want to get your jack completely off, you can grab a Hands Free Pleasure Cup and Silk Touch Lubricant Combo. This is some next-level fun as the Pleasure Cup sticks to the wall, you lube up, and it feels like you are gliding into a soft wet….ah yes, you catch my drift… Are you starting to get the picture? Using sex toys is hot.

Getting Better Head For Longer

Haha, now I have your full attention! Introducing the Vibrating Male Pleasure Ring, this little beauty has ten vibrating speeds; you slip it down to the base of your penis, and it also works to stimulate the clitoris when you are fronting. The other way you can use this clever sheath is to slip it on while your partner pays a little oral attention to the tip; this works to aid your partner in enjoying the experience by sharing the workload - and it will keep you constantly stimulated, so when you want to switch it up (or in) your erection is guaranteed to be top-notch.

Keeping It Clean

As always, anything you are using downstairs or in your mouth needs a regular wash. Most sex toys for men are made of medical-grade silicone and if you are using sex toys solo at home, be sure to follow the cleaning instructions after every use. If you and your partner are slipping penetrative toys into the mouth, vagina, or anus, be super careful about hygiene, you are best off using a condom when you switch, and lube is a must-have for safe sex toy play.

We love that men using sex toys is becoming more common - you deserve a bit of fun, babes - and you can check out our Blogs for some inspiration and tips about using sex toys safely.

Men using sex toys for the first time will find a great little question box on each of our products, so you can be certain to buy exactly what you need from  Playmate Adult Store.

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