Why Sex Toy Online Shopping Is The New Takeout.

You thought you had nailed delivery; we are here to let you know you haven’t even ordered yet. Playmate is the sex toy shop online that is putting the fun back into toys!

Yes, Oh, Yes! It’s time to chat about sex toy shopping online - for sophisticated sex play delivered to your door. 

Gone are the days when you had to lurk around the red light district in a trenchcoat and a fake face merkin to get your hands on all the gorgeous sex toys you wanted to have a hoon on. With the advent of sex toy shopping online, you can lie around in your PJ’s and order the hottest new dildos direct to your door. Hell, you can even order a sex toy online whilst using a sex toy you ordered online! There’s never been a better time to be a hornbag, so dive into the wide, wide world of anal stretching, couples sex toys, eggs, rabbits, and pleasure cups. 

There is no time like the present to send yourself a present

If you have been toy curious, now is a great time to explore your natural inclinations. There are loads of good ways to play with yourself and others when you introduce yourself to the convenient pleasures of online sex toy shopping. For instance, you might be interested in having your clit sucked by a Clitoral Sucking Vibrator with 20 Sucking and Vibration Speeds, I mean, who wouldn’t be interested in trying this? Whether you are getting sucked or helping someone else get sucked, this is a great way to lean into new realms of pleasure. If you don’t have access to a clitoris, these Clitoral Sucking Vibrators work just as well on the tip of your friendly neighbourhood penis, some adventurers like to get two going at the same time, nips & tips!

Don’t be coy, enjoy your toy

We all have needs, sometimes you want to hang out alone and romance yourself in the bath, other days you might like a trip to threesome town, whatever your fancy is it can always be enhanced by including a sex toy. Did you know when you sex toy online shop you can access toys that can be used by couples, in an orgy, or just simply at home alone on a rainy Tuesday afternoon? Times have changed for the better, sex is more fun, and shopping online for sex toys has gone mainstream. If you did want to introduce a sex toy into your play, like say the Backdoor Joy, that’s a totally normal conversation between consenting adults. Do, however, read the room. Probably don’t whip out the biggest dildo you can find on a first date -btw it’s called Big Ben, and it’s 12.2 inches and has a handy suction base, so you can have at it anywhere there is a surface it can stick to - just btw.

Safety first, keep it wet, pet

As always, when indulging in a little sex toy shopping online, it’s safety first. It pays to be clever about stocking up on lube at the same time you are stocking up on sex toys online. There are some handy (ha) combos available when you sex toy shop online; we particularly like the Hands Free Pleasure Cup and Silk Touch Lubricant Combo. This is a delicious way to treat your penis to some hands-free silky, wet action, and it comes with a suction cup base so you can even indulge in a little slip and slide in the shower. Lube! Don’t forget the lube!! For lovin’ that lasts longer and is less likely to leave you wanting less instead of more.

So slip into, well, whatever you want really, and get your sex toy online shop on; if you need some tips on where to start, check out our Blogs.

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