Ya know what’s hot? Winter.

That’s right. The cold might be convincing you to keep your clothes on, but it’s actually the perfect time to strip off and start some fires. 

As a woman, I know winter has been often coined the ‘hibernation months’ in terms of sexual adventures, but it really feels like a wasted opportunity to warm up the fun way. Instead of foregoing the razor and diving into the latest oversized hoodie (you should definitely do that, too, sometimes), it’s time to count the ways winter sex is superior.

Touching in bed is so much more natural when it’s cold. 

Remember summer? Remember that mess? You climb into bed sweating and if you so much as touch your other half, you end up stuck together in a sticky, uncomfortable position that doesn’t seem like the start to a steamy sex sesh - more like a flushed fumble. Winter provides the chill that makes cosying up to someone else so inviting to share body warmth, and we all know the chill only lasts a second once you get going. It's always easier to warm up than it is to cool down - and more fun, too.

Shower sex.

Does it really need an introduction? Both showers and baths are more fun when shared, and a long hot shower is just what the doctor ordered in the middle of winter. Take some waterproof toys (anything that doesn’t require batteries or charging) into the bath with you for more reasons to soak in the tub, or splashproof vibrators into the shower with a friend to shake things up. 

Playing solo? For sex toys that can attach to the shower wall for some hands-free action - check out this bad boy. Our dildos come in lots of different sizes to fit most!  


Massages are a fantastic way to build intimacy in a chilly winter setting and reignite something special between you and your partner. Touching someone all over their body is also more appealing when the sweat is caused by arousal, rather than the humidity. So grab some water-based lube or massage oil to slick up with and treat your partner to that long-awaited massage that more often than not becomes a luxurious form of foreplay. Pop some towels down so cleaning up is a doddle and top it off with a shared trip to the shower to stay warm before hitting the hay.  

Just a word of warning: If you’re using condoms, make sure the lube you use is water-based, as other kinds of lube can damage the effectiveness of your condoms. Find lube here. 

Heightened sensitivity.

Ever heard of the ice trick? Be very careful when googling that… but like ice can be used to create heightened sensitivity to nipples and other erogenous zones, so can the good ol’ temperature that winter delivers freely. Stripping down in the cold may not sound fun, but it will perk things up and create more reactions to the slightest of touches. This can create amazing foreplay and ways to get intimate. Even the smallest vibrator can pack a powerful punch under these wintry conditions, like our Dr Feelgood or Sucking Vibrator. 

Winter mood management.

The dark months can bring with them some moody thoughts and a bit of cabin fever as the weather closes in. Firing up the bedroom during the cold months is a great way to release hormones like oxytocin and dopamine, which draw you closer to your partner and allow you to relax and feel content. Feeling awesome is great at any time of the year, but it’s especially important to feel cosy inside during the bleaker days. Hooray for winter sex! 

Renewed intimacy.

There is nothing quite like getting under a blanket with your sex buddy and enjoying positions that share the most skin-to-skin contact that otherwise could be a bit too claustrophobic when it’s hot out. Missionary, Spooning and Wrapped Lotus are just a few sex positions that allow you to connect on a deeper level and keep both of you warm right down to your toes. Intimacy is something that has to be worked on, especially in longer relationships, so use winter as your excuse to reconnect, and cuddle up close in some new positions. 

Opportunity to try new things. 

    When you can’t hit the beach, winter can feel like a non-event. There’s so much going on during the hotter months that taking the time to have explorative sex isn’t really on the priorities list (but it totally should be). Take advantage of the quieter months, invest in some new toys and make staying in the new going out. You’ll be amazed at what you learn about yourself, and your partner, during the colder months. You’re welcome. 

    Setting the mood is just more fun.

    Candles, massage oil, warm fires, thick blankets - there’s just something inherently sexy and downright romantic about winter. Sure, you’re not out on the beach seeing everything on display in bikinis and boardshorts, but it’s often what you don’t see that makes the imagination run wild. Winter sex offers a unique opportunity to enjoy great sex in dynamic environments and uncover bodies in a way that summer doesn’t often allow. And have you ever had sex in front of a roaring fire? Go ahead and put that on your bucket list right now. 

    Ready to heat things up this winter? Head to our online shop for some real conversation starters, and start counting the ways winter sex might just become your new favourite.