How to Care for Your Sex Toys

Get Your Toys Ready for Action

Okay, we get it - sounds silly right? Do we really need instructions to properly care for our sex toys? Well, we all have them and we all know how to use them but it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of it all and learn how to properly clean and care for them. 


After you’ve gotten down and dirty, it’s time to get up and clean! When it comes to your sexy time toys, hygiene is super essential. It may sound a bit like a chore but it doesn’t have to be, it can be as easy as using a spray cleaner. It’ll become second nature to you, just like peeing after sex (which you should definitely do). So let’s get into it and start the sex toy care journey.


Cleaning Your Toys

Just finished having a solo masturbation sesh? Maybe a steamy couples play? Whatever your way to play, it’s time to take hold of your freshly used toys and scrub a dub dub!


First, you’re going to have to know what the toy is made of. Figuring out what materials make up your toy is a crucial first step. This can be divided into two general groups: porous and nonporous materials. Porous materials have pores that can foster microorganisms like bacteria, fungi and dirt. Nonporous materials don’t have pores, so it’s less likely that microorganisms will stick around. For the most basic surface sex toy care, take these steps to ensure your toy is ready for action whenever you need it. 


  1. Make sure you take the batteries out of the toy - it’s important to keep your batteries dry.
  2. Use a damp, soapy washcloth.
  3. Air dry your toys completely on paper towels or clean washcloths.


So easy! Just three simple steps to ensure you avoid unwanted bacteria or fungi on your toys. If you’re after a deeper clean, follow these equally simple steps. Please note that you can only do the following steps if your toy is made of 100% silicone, stainless steel or borosilicate glass toys. 


  1. Submerge your toys in boiling water for a few minutes (waterproof toys only).
  2. Air dry your toy completely on paper towels or on clean washcloths. 


You can disinfect a variety of toys just by surface cleaning them but if you can spare time to boil some water (very efficiently in a kettle) by all means, do it! Again, only for particular types of toys, so always check what yours is made of. 


Speaking of surface cleaning… let’s welcome the toy cleaner that will heighten the hygienic barrier for your toys, as well as help to prevent mildew, mould and germs from congregating. Introducing Wet Stuff Toy Cleaner & Sanitiser. This broad-spectrum, high-quality sanitiser kills 99.5% of germs and is effective against bacteria and fungi. Spray on this bad boy after a warm soapy wash and your toy will become a shield providing you with antimicrobial properties for up to two days. 


Why It's So Important to Properly Clean Your Toys

The list is rather long, but we’ll summarise it. Your nether regions are extremely sensitive to absorbing and harbouring any bacteria, making them easy targets for nasty infections. It’s important to keep your toys exceptionally clean after every single playtime because of this. Aside from general hygiene, STIs are also a concern if you are sharing them with partners. Start caring for your toys and avoid various bacterial infections and STIs altogether, It’s better to be safe than sorry! If you are sharing the toy mid-session, instead of stopping to give them a good wash (it’s a bit of a romance killer), you can pop a fresh condom on most toys and it works the same way as with intercourse, creating a barrier between your skin and the toy. Cleaning toys after sex should be just part of your sex life. Make a routine out of it and have a good time cleaning with your partner after playtime, one on the washing station and one on drying - just like doing the dishes - but hotter!


Storing Your Sex Toys

After your toys are all clean and completely dry (don’t skip the drying step), it’s time for them to be stored away. There are three things to think about in terms of storage: dust, temperature and accessibility. You should place your toys in a container or any box with a lid. Moisture and hot temperatures can damage your toys over time so it's important you place them in a dry and cool area. It’ll also be handy to keep them within an arm's reach, making it easy to grab and go.


Happy Cleaning! - and Even Happier Playtime!

Now that you’ve been enlightened on how to care for your toys properly, try to implement it into your after-sex care. It’ll start becoming a habit and all your down under zones will thank you for it. Keep the quality of your sex toys sterling so you can use them again and again in the most hygienic way possible. 


Check out our toy cleaners on our online store to find what cleaner works best for your sex toy care. While you are there, check out our range of toys to spice up your sexual play. 


Happy cleaning!


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