Mutual Masturbation is making a comeback

‘You do you’ is the next level in confident play! After all, nobody knows your body better. Mutual Masturbation is the hot new trend sweeping the sheets, so get up on yourself.

Mutual Masturbation is back, it’s safe, it’s sexy, and it’s guaranteed to get you off. There is no better way to show your lover what you want than to indulge in a hot Mutual Masturbation session. So how do you Mutually Masturbate, and what are the benefits? Ru Paul said it best when she said "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? If you really want to tap into your own pleasure you need to know what works for you.


When I think about you - you touch yourself.

Watching your playmates play with themselves is hot. There is often that time with a new set of genitals where you are basically hoping for the best, and what works for one person may be a total turn-off for someone else. When you get into Mutual Masturbation with a partner (or a threesome/group), you are taking the guesswork out of getting off. You get to watch the way a person touches themselves, what extra erogenous zones they like to engage, and you can show them what types of friction and rhythms work best for you. We suggest you practice at home by yourself (a lot), then you can show your partner/s where your hot buttons are, what wants stroking, and where a slap might be nice.

Safe play for friends and strangers.

Sometimes penetration is not what you are after, you might want to get intimate with somebody but not take any risks around STI’s or pregnancy, or maybe you are just taking it slow. Mutual Masturbation is a great solution when you don’t want to swap fluids, and you can choose to be naked or partially clothed. There is something super titillating about watching someone give themselves a hand job from across the room, there is the voyeuristic element, and you can be fairly sure that the experience is going to be satisfying for everyone in the room! 

Mutual Masturbation with extra toppings.

There are some great water-based lubes to add to the mix - especially if you are planning on using Mutual Masturbation as foreplay. It’s a good idea to choose a flavoured lubricant so that when you move from touching yourself to oral play, the experience is seamlessly tasty. There are layers of pleasure to Mutual Masturbation, and an easy way to ramp it up is to add a sex toy into the mix. A good place to start to ensure your session lasts past the first flush of excitement is with a Male Pleasure Ring. If there is a man in your mix, this will keep him harder for longer. You can add a dildo for extra visual excitement, or strap on a fantasy vibrator to show your partner how you want to touch them while you are touching yourself!

Build confidence while you build excitement.

Mutual Masturbation is all about confidence, accessing it, building it, and sharing it. If you can get into a Mutual Masturbation space with someone you are into, you may just find that your sex experience hits new heights. When you know what your partner does to themselves, you can feel sure that you are touching them the way they want to be touched. Mutual Masturbation is like a cheat sheet, and if you can relax and enjoy it, the heat is going to build really fast. By letting somebody into your masturbation space you are also going to become more comfortable with intimacy across all of your bedroom activities. Another great way to get a little ‘extra’ is to talk it up while you are enjoying Mutual Masturbation. Tell your playmate you like the way they touch themselves, ask them if they like watching you, give them some directions.

Explore the added extras to add climactic excitement to your Mutual Masturbation sessions. When you add layers to the experience, you may surprise yourself with the levels of enjoyment you can access.


Here at Playmate Adult Store, we have lots of information and great combos to choose from to enhance your Mutual Masturbation, let’s make sure the pleasure is mutual!