Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls, Realistic Sex Dolls & Your Personal Preferences

Sex dolls have still got it! They are a classic sex aid worldwide and they are making a comeback in mainstream play!


Guys, let’s play with dolls; it’s fun, it’s safe and may be just what’s been missing from your solo play.

Sex dolls are back and they are giving a whole new audience some really hot home play sessions. Do you know who created sex dolls? Where you can find sex dolls for sale? And who loves cheap sex dolls for extra thrills when you play? Read on to discover the mastermind behind your favourite sex buddy and how even cheap sex dolls can add some good, clean fun to your playtime.

Sex Dolls Since the 17th Century!

Sex dolls are nothing new when it comes to sex play, in fact, Dutch sailors used the first known iteration of the sex doll as far back as the 17th century. It wasn’t so much a case of ‘Aarrrggh me hearties’ as ‘Arrrgh me hardies’ as they very cleverly repurposed some linen into one of the first ever sex dolls. This was necessary relief on long ocean voyages, and these days sex dolls are still a great way to blow off some steam, relieve stress, or just pleasure yourself in the way you prefer. 

You Do You- And A Sex Doll Too

Lots of people use sex dolls because they actually prefer it, or because it is something that they find incredibly sexy.  The name for the sex doll fetish is Agalmatophilia - and it’s much more common than you might think. There are lots of different grades of sex dolls and you can treat yourself with something like the Lexi Lush that comes with heating and audio features, or you can buy a relatively cheap sex doll like the Blonde Starlet sex doll  as a starter doll to see how your body responds to this kind of tool. 

Good, Clean Fun

If you are a fan of the classic Doggy Style position or you fancy yourself a Back Door man, there are some great purpose-built Sex Doll Doggy Style that can be super satisfying. The key with your doll, whether it’s a realistic sex doll or a clever Ultimate Sex Torso From Pipedream, is to invest in a good lube to ensure you can enjoy a good session with your love doll without dealing with chafing. Each sex doll comes with specific instructions on how to clean up, and it’s usually pretty simple. 

It’s perfectly legal and ethical to use a sex doll in your sex play and it’s also okay to keep going back for more. Sex dolls don’t get tired, they don’t get a headache and they are perfectly safe as long as you practice good hygiene.

All Tastes Are Accounted For

There are loads of different sex dolls for sale and they vary in price, style, skin tones, and there are some fantastic pose options. You can buy a sex doll that will suit pretty much every preference for position, and there are even some sweet sex dolls that with wrap themselves around you for a more intimate experience

Try Something New For You

If you have never tried a sex doll, now is the time to give it a whirl. With so many different ways to play with sex dolls, it’s never going to be boring. While you may think that sex dolls are largely used by men for solo play, that’s not a rule. Women use sex dolls as a masturbation aid too and there are loads of couples who have a sex doll to add a sassy layer of kink to couples play. You can choose a love doll together, or if you are keen to introduce a sex doll into partner play it’s just about being with someone you trust that you can have an open conversation with.

Sex is supposed to be fun and satisfying and you can choose your own rules and limits when you are playing solo, and decide where the line lies together with your friends and partners.

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