What's the deal with a Squirting Orgasm?

What is it and how can it be achieved?

Lady jizz. Showering with pleasure. Making it rain. Female ejaculation. The list of name tags associated with Squirting is long and varied, depending on who you ask.

Porn movies have made us all believe that squirting is this sought-after literal shower of affirmation that a woman is enjoying herself (can fake an orgasm but you can't fake squirting...or can you?).

Fun fact 1. Some porn movie directors actually DO fake the female ejaculation for the camera for the dramatic effect.

Fun fact 2. In reality, the presence of squirting doesn't actually mean they are orgasming.

Let's discuss.


First of all, what is squirting?

Squirting is essentially the expulsion of fluid from the vagina during intercourse or stimulation, coupled with or without an orgasm which can be referred to as female ejaculation.

The expulsion of liquid can be as powerful as a water blaster that soaks the whole bed or just a trickle that you barely notice, but it's all colloquially called squirting. Female ejaculation is relatively rare compared to its male counterpart, as it isn't necessary for creating children or serving any sort of purpose but it can add a bit of fun and drama to the sexual experience for the parties involved. (Or a surprise, if you weren't expecting it.)

The word "squirting" covers a few different things that could be happening: a Squirting Orgasm, Female Ejaculation or Sexual Incontinence.

All of these involve the same involuntary emission of liquid from the bladder. Squirting orgasms refers to the high paced shot of urine during an orgasm while female ejaculation is the release of both urine and the other substances from the Skene's Glands and can appear milky white that does not necessarily gush out. Sexual incontinence, on the other hand, is a condition when a person actually loses complete control over their bladder during penetration. While these three things are all different, squirting is often used to refer to them all and it is possible to do more than one at once.

When it comes to female ejaculation, the rapid shot of liquid that appears is a mixture of uric acid, creatinine and urea (yes, there's a bit of pee in there but it usually doesn't smell like it as it's diluted.) All of this combined liquid is quickly propelled out by the Skene's glands, which is located at the lower end of the urethra. When you stimulate the Skene's gland, wall of the vagina, via clitoral or g-spot stimulation, the glands react a bit like a female prostate and produce "squirting".


What does squirting feel like?

A highly contested sensation, it seems that squirting and female ejaculation doesn’t feel exactly the same for any two women. Some describe it as a feeling akin to an orgasm, although that could be because they are orgasming at the same time, while others say it's a complete world apart when it comes to what it feels like. Some claim to feels like an extreme, intense release, that can happen before or after orgasm - but doesn't feel like the orgasm, itself.

The first sensation can include a building of tension, and then the sudden and intense need to wee. The bladder works hand in hand with the Skene's Glands, so trust that it plays a very large part in the whole show.


Can all women experience squirting?

Anyone with a vulva has all the mechanics required in order to squirt, but achieving it is not as easy said as done. Depending on your body, it could take focused G spot stimulation, deep penetration, clitoral stimulation, or a combination of all three. The best way to find out really is to try it for yourself with your partner during a spot of sexual activity. Stimulating both the g spot and the clitoris at the same time is not just very pleasurable, and can easily lead to orgasm, it can also lead to female ejaculation.

Another suggestion to make it more likely for squirting to occur is to have your partner put pressure with one hand down on your pelvic muscles (pubococcygeal muscles) while stimulating you from the inside by hand, with toys or during intercourse. This can cause female ejaculate to make an appearance, but as previously mentioned, it's not a one size fits all method so you're going to have to play around with it.

Also try urinating before attempting a squirting orgasm, use a lot of lube, or use toys that are specifically designed to stimulate the g spot.


How important is squirting for a healthy sex life?

Not at all. Being able to squirt or not does not impact a healthy sex life and unless it's something you really aspire to, it's not important at all. Many men do not aspire to have their prostate stimulated, many women are similarly not fussed about the female prostate experience leading to fluid-filled female ejaculation in order for them to enjoy sexual intercourse. It really is all about what you want and what your individual female sexuality calls for.


The takeaway of squirting and female ejaculation

While it's a fun, and dramatic addition to the bedroom that some people absolutely love, squirting is fun for some, but not necessary for others. If you want to try it for yourself, try our above tips or indulge in some affordable toys to stimulate the g spot to see if squirting is just a splash away.