You don’t have to have wild tastes to enjoy fun, explorative and fulfilling sexual experiences! That is the founder of Playmate’s credo after seeing so many adult online stores geared towards the gritty, dark side of intimacy that doesn’t appeal to everyone. Playmate was created for the people who want to have great sexual encounters and to give new things a try! Everyone has sex - and everybody should be having great sex, so why not make intimate toys more accessible and less, well, taboo? Having a healthy enjoyment of his products himself, he realised it just made sense to open an adult store online that was inexpensive, full of quality products and accessible for all! By supplying affordable stimulants and toys, the products wouldn’t appeal just to those who were ready to commit to using it day after day to make the price worth it! He wanted to make sure people could afford to try things out, find out what they really like - and just spice it up a bit! No need to go full BDSM (unless that’s what you’re into, absolutely no judgement), but toys are a normal, fun way to elevate your sex life and keep things interesting! We are proud to be a discreet company, and although we don’t think there’s anything to be embarrassed about (we do run a toy shop here), we understand that our clients appreciate anonymity. We keep your purchases private, and then you can share them with whoever you like!