Kegal Balls Combo Pack

The ultimate pelvic floor strengthening combo

Kegel Balls are the unsung hero of our pelvic floor strength! Ladies, listen up. As you get older, your pelvic floor muscles get weaker. This creates less sensation during intercourse, makes it harder to hold yourself together when you sneeze or cough, and only gets made weaker by childbirth. Protect your pelvic floor muscles with regular Kegel exercises using our Kegel Balls Combo Pack!

You can perform Kegel exercises by inserting the Kegel Balls into your vagina (leaving the string on the outside of your body) and clenching your pelvic muscles on and off over a period of time around the balls. Kegel exercises using actual Kegel Balls creates a more effective awareness of which muscles you need to be clenching as you actively attempt to tighten the immediate muscles around the ball. Without the balls in place telling women exactly where to clench, often women just clench their bums instead - which leads to a nice bottom, but not the pelvic floor they were aiming for. 

Be aware that you should not wear the Kegel Balls for more than 4 hours, and to not go too crazy with Kegel exercises; you do not want to strain your muscles, so as soon as those muscles start feeling quite tired, it’s time to stop and wait till the next day to try again. 

Kegel Balls are also great for adding pressure inside your intimate zones. By inserting the balls inside yourself, you are bringing awareness to the sensations below - and couple that with other sex toys like vibrators - and you may have found the masturbation tools you never knew you needed - until now. 

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Medical Silicone

Ball A: Size 35mm x 120mm - 102g Ball B: Size 28mm x 160mm - 56g Ball C: Size 30mm x 160mm - 61g

Pelvic Floor Strengthening Tool

Suitable to Be Inserted

Discreet and Portable

100% Waterproof



Kegel Balls, if used for pleasure, are best used in conjunction with other sex toys like vibrations to really enhance the internal stimulation the balls create. The heightened sense of awareness can be incredibly arousing for many women, and since you can wear them out...they can be your little secret.


Your shopping trip doesn't need to come with a label! We deliver your products to you in discreet packaging, so only you know what went into your cart! Our customers love our Kegel Balls for sale, and we make it as easy and convenient for them to collect them all without having to answer any questions from flatmates!

At Playmate Adult Store, we have a passion for creating stimulating sexual experiences for adults of all ages, preferences and budgets. We don't believe sex toys are reserved for people who are out of the ordinary or “kinky”, we think everyone benefits from quality sex toys from one of New Zealand's most affordable online suppliers!

We use only the best, safest materials in our products. Our materials are commonly found in medical appliances, so they are industry-safe and easy to clean for a sanitary adult toy box! We stock a great selection of quality silicone toys, as well as ones made from medical-grade thermoplastics.


How Do You Use the Kegel Balls?

Everything You Need to Know! When using the Kegel Balls for the first time, insert them very gently, as you would a tampon, with the string hanging out; you may find a tiny bit of water-based lube helps. You should keep them in for only 4 hours tops and should not be used by pregnant women or by women recovering from childbirth. You can pull the balls out using the little string on the outside of your body.

Are the Kegel Balls Safe to Use?

Using Adult Toys Safely Yes, Kegel Balls are safe for most people to use, provided that you are using them sensibly! Do not use them if you are pregnant or recovering from childbirth, and do not wear them for more than 4 hours at a time. If you are new to using Kegel Balls, be very gentle until you are confident using them. Use ; weonly water-based lubricant with your silicone Kegel Balls.

How Do You Clean Kegel Balls?

Cleanliness Is Key! Wash your Kegel Balls after every use with antibacterial soap and water, and allow them to air dry thoroughly before storing them. This is crucial for your sexual health to not allow bacteria to grow on your Kegel Balls.

Do You Need to Use Lube With Kegel Balls

If in Doubt, Lube Up You don’t HAVE to use lube with them, but many women find it more comfortable to insert Kegel Balls with a little bit of water-based lubrication.

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