Ultimate Vibes 10 Vibration Speeds


Ultimate Vibes 10 Vibration Speeds vibrator for sale

Looking to buy a vibrator? Then the Ultimate Vibes could be the right vibrator for you. Let the ultimate vibe put an entirely new spin on your sex life. This dual-shaft, multi-speed vibrator boasts effortless operation. A bulbous head on one shaft and beaded anal prober on the other all wrapped in silky smooth silicone mean you can enjoy twin stimulation of your sweetest of spots at the same time. Guide the shafts exactly where you need them, and hit the button at the base to bring your toy to life. Whether you use it in a solo setting, or with a partner, hours of erotic stimulation, await you.

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  • Material Medical Silicone
  • Weight 160g
  • Plug Size 34*154mm
  • Vibration 10 Speeds
  • Power Supply 1 AAA
  • Waterproof  Yes

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