External and Internal Vibrations at the Touch of a Button

Want to rock your body inside and out? With Vibrating Pleasures, you’ve found a vibrator that ticks all the stimulative boxes. With a shape that is specifically moulded to the female body, you can comfortably enjoy the vibration sensation with the little paddle ears hovering over your clitoris at the same time as full penetration. Win, win. Topped off with an easy-grip handle and simple buttons, the Vibrating Pleasures should be a part of any vibrator collector’s toybox. 

Playmate is proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated. We pride ourselves on super fast shipping. Our team carefully handpicks only the highest quality products and delivers them directly to you.


Material: Silicone

Size: 32mm x 200mm | Weight 250g

Power Supply USB Rechargeable

Vibration 10 Speeds & Dual Motor

Colour: Rose Red

Splash Proof



While you can’t completely submerge your vibrator in water, you CAN rest easy knowing that any wet and wild encounters will not damage your vibrator, and will actually add to the fun. The bonus? Clean up is made way easier when you know wiping it down with a soft, wet cloth won’t hurt it!


Your shopping trip doesn't need to come with a label! We deliver your products to you in discreet packaging, so only you know what went into your cart! Our customer base loves our vibrators for sale, and we make it as easy and convenient for them to collect them all; just without having to answer any questions from flatmates!

At Playmate Adult Store, we have a passion for creating stimulating sexual experiences for adults of all ages, preferences and budgets. We don't believe sex toys are reserved for people who are out of the ordinary; we think everyone benefits from quality sex toys from one of New Zealand's most affordable online suppliers!

Silicone and Medical-Grade Materials. We use only the best, safest materials in our products. Our materials are commonly found in medical appliances, so they are industry-safe and easy to clean for a sanitary adult toy box! We stock a great selection of quality silicone toys, as well as ones made from medical-grade thermoplastics.


How Do You Use the Vibrating Pleasures Vibrator?

Everything You Need to Know! The Vibrating Pleasures Vibrator is not unlike other vibrators you may have used. The first thing you need to do when you receive your Vibrating Pleasures Vibrator is to give it a gentle clean with warm water to rinse off any packaging dust or residue. (No one wants a dusty experience.) Pat the toy dry and then charge it up. Use a water-based lube to cover the Vibrating Pleasures Vibrator, and then start playing! Experiment with the different speeds and strengths to find your ultimate getaway from the day!

Is the Vibrating Pleasures Vibrator Safe to Use?

Using Adult Toys Safely Yes, vibrating products are safe for most people to use, provided that you are using them sensibly! If you are new to using sex toys, you're going to want to use a fair bit of lube to make it easier to insert your new play product. To be safe, go slow, to begin with, and opt for a smaller size toy. If using your adult toys for anal or vaginal play, make sure you put a condom on it if you intend to share it with your partner! It keeps you both safe from infections and doesn't break the mood mid-experience in order to go and clean it, just whip on a new condom and away you go!

How Do You Clean A Sex Toy?

Cleanliness Is Key! Keep your Vibrating Pleasures Vibrator free from nasties by taking proper care of it and cleaning it promptly after you've used it. Always check if your toy is waterproof before putting it in the sink, but generally, most pleasure toys can be washed with warm water and gentle soap and then left to air dry. If your toy has batteries or clearly chargeable parts (like vibrators or remote-controlled toys), always check the instructions on how to clean it effectively without damaging it.

Can You Use the Vibrating Pleasures Vibrator with Condoms?

Protect Yourself and Others Yes! Just like with a real penis, you can put condoms on any shaft. And we recommend it! Especially if you're sharing it in a couple! You can get condoms from our online store or at your local supermarket shop (if you can't wait to try yours today!) You may not be able to get pregnant from a luxury sex aid, but you definitely can catch things off of one if you share it willy nilly.

Do You Need to Use Lube With the Vibrating Pleasures Vibrator?

If in Doubt, Lube Up You don’t HAVE to use lube for vaginal play, but we do recommend it, especially for first-time users. For anal play, we would say lube is an absolute must for comfortable and safe use. Lube is a personal lubricant to make sure the toy inserts comfortably and you do not experience any unpleasant friction while using it.

What Is Edging?

How to Edge Towards an Explosion Edging is a sexual practice where you bring yourself to the very cusp of orgasm but then don’t allow it to continue, building tension so that the final release is much more powerful. This edging technique can be done in cycles and as many times as you can bear it! Many people love using rabbits and vibrators for this kind of sexual play solo or with a friend.

What Are Vibrators Good For?

Good Vibrations Only! Vibrators are great for stimulating from the inside or outside, or both at the same time, depending on the model! Vibrations like this can not be created by people, so it is an artificial sensation that can not be replicated! If you struggle to experience clitoral or g-spot orgasms, vibrators can make it a lot easier (and less demanding!)

How Do I Use My Vibrating Pleasures Vibrator Quietly?

No Spectators, Please! If you are like many people, you may live with other people and feel self-conscious about being “caught” using your vibrators because of noise from the vibrator itself. While our vibrators are relatively quiet, we have some tips for using your vibrators in complete freedom without worrying who can overhear! Use your vibrator in the shower, but not under a direct water stream. The Vibrating Pleasures Vibrator is splashproof, so it is safe to use in reasonable levels of water. The sound of the shower can muffle the vibration sound to give you more peace of mind if other people are home when the desire strikes. Not only that - the shower makes cleaning up for you MUCH easier, too! Use the vibrator at lower speeds. This is not ideal if you’re into faster speeds, but needs must if you are really concerned about roommates overhearing. Muffle the noise by using under heavy blankets. This is a great option in the winter months; you can stay nice and cosy and enjoy the Vibrating Pleasures Vibrator in peace.

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