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    5 products
    Passion Sleeve Male Pleasure Toy
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    Passion Cup Male Pleasure Toy
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    Life’s busy. When you want a release that is easy, convenient and ready to when you are - our pleasure cups for sale are the solution NZ men are reaching for again and again. If you have ever wanted the sensation of the real deal without having to worry about pleasing anybody else, then you’re not alone! Pleasure cups are a man’s best friend when all you want is a bit of relaxation and self-indulgence at home.


    The Feel of a Real Lover

    Carefully designed Real-feel pleasure that’s ready whenever you are.

    Our pleasure cups are full of deeply stimulating surprises to mimic a real-life vagina or mouth. With different ridges, nodules and widths to squeeze through, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the real thing and our cups! The only difference is, you have complete control over your pleasure cup! 

    Hygienic and Easy to Clean

    Convenient for regular use. No need to go a day without your pleasure cup!

    Once you’ve satisfied every one of your cravings, our pleasure cups are incredibly easy and convenient to clean. All you need is warm water and gentle soap to thoroughly rinse your pleasure cup out with. Use a clean cloth to get into any of the edges and then allow it to air dry! 

    100% Waterproof

    Time for a shower? Join the many others who have discovered the fun of water play.

    Take our pleasure cups with you into the bath or shower for an even more slippery experience. All of our pleasure cups for sale in NZ are waterproof, so it doesn’t matter which one you pick - they all can join you in an underwater pleasure fest. Clean up is easy too!

    Medical Grade Materials

    Safe, durable products Rack up countless hours of pleasure!

    All of our pleasure cups for sale in NZ are made with medical-grade TPR, which is commonly used in medical and food products due to its safety and durability. Being a mix of thermoplastic rubber and plastic, it is easily disinfected with great resistance to damage and tears. 

    Lubed Up Fun

    The perfect partner for play. Enjoy a slippery, comfortable ride every time.

    While using any of our pleasure cups, we 100% recommend using a water-based lube every time. Our pleasure cups may look real, but they don’t produce any lubrication of their own - sorry! To avoid uncomfortable friction, couple your pleasure cup play with one of our easy to use water-based lubes!

    100% New Zealand Owned and Operated

    Products chosen with you in mind. Our pleasure cup range for sale is carefully handpicked for NZ customers.

    At Playmate, we strive to only supply quality, affordable products to our NZ customers, for we are kiwis too (and love a good toy ourselves!) We handpick our favourite products that we know our clients are going to love! We are stoked to be able to provide such affordable pleasure cups for sale, for you, right here in NZ!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you use a pleasure cup?

    While it may seem obvious, we’re going to break it down anyway! A pleasure cup is a masturbation tool designed to feel like a real woman by using a realistic sleeve filled with nodules and bumps to imitate real anatomy. To use it, just remove it from any packaging and give it a quick rinse with warm water (leave it in warm water for a bit if you want the sleeve to feel even more real with human warmth), then lube up, and slip it on yourself! How you use the pleasure cup is up to you, fast, slow, but remember - however you play, use lube!

    How do you clean a pleasure cup?

    Ok. Real talk. You need to clean your pleasure cup after EVERY USE. Leaving a mess in there is going to smell, create bacteria as well as mould, and be an all-round not nice place to put your dick into. Cleaning your pleasure cup, unfortunately, is not as easy as rinsing it for a couple of seconds after use. We all know how messy ejaculation can get, and you want to make sure you’re getting it all out of your toy and properly sanitised for the next time you want to use it. 1. Dissemble the sleeve from the outer shell if you’ve kept it on. 2. Wash the hard case with soap and water. 3. Wash the sleeve with warm water ONLY, not soap. 4. Flush out the sleeve thoroughly for at least 30 seconds under running warm water. 5. Use your finger to scrape any residue off the insides, which still flushing it with water. Don’t be too rough with it to avoid tears. Cup your hand over one of the opening sides and fill the other with water. Then shake it with both hands covering both holes (just pretend you’re making a post-coital cocktail) 6. Empty the sleeve out and leave to air dry. It’s very important to let this happen, as moist pleasure cups will grow mould! Being left to dry propped up on something lets water drip out of the sleeve, so just be careful to find an effective way to dry it out. (Put it on a solid old kitchen towel holder if you’re feeling fancy) Optional: Use isopropyl alcohol spray to give the pleasure cup an extra sanitisation, but make sure you wash it all off before letting the sleeve dry! Isopropyl alcohol will kill literally anything in your pleasure cup, but do not drink it, see above - it will kill literally anything.