Once you’ve had her, you might not want the real thing ever again.

Feel fulfilled whenever the moment strikes with a gorgeous, immersive sex doll that is here to please your every want and desire. With realistic heating functionality, you can warm up your favourite orifice before entering for maximum sensation. 

Complete with vibrational options, simply slide the battery-operated vibrator plug into the opening next to the one you intend to use and experience the sensations of both a vibrating toy and a realistic woman simultaneously. Our doll is inflatable, so can be stored discreetly when it is not in use. 

Realistic pleasure sounds. Our doll comes complete with earphones for you to wear, playing her whimpers and moans to really get you into the mood. Enhance your sex life with a doll that never wants to stop. 

Your new doll qualifies for super fast and free shipping - the sooner you hit “Buy Now”, the sooner you’ll meet her.

Playmate is proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated. We pride ourselves on super fast shipping. Our team carefully handpicks only the highest quality products and ships them directly to you.

*Clothing not included

Skin Colour Flesh

Height 160cm

Weight 2.5 KG

Vagina Depth 17 cm

Oral Depth 13 cm

Anal Depth 19cm

Waterproof 100%

Sex Doll Features

Fleshy PVC Material

Height: 160cm / 5 ft 2

Vagina Depth: 17cm | Oral Depth: 13cm | Anal Depth: 19cm

Weight: 2.5kg

USB Charged Heating Rod | Vibrating Plug & Earphones

Doll is 100% Waterproof



Using lube, you can comfortably insert into any of her three entrance points, mouth, vagina and anus and you have the option of warming them up first with the provided heating rod. The rod takes just 10 minutes to warm up your chosen hole and then you can experience a realistic, heated penetrative encounter with your doll.


Your shopping trip doesn't need to come with a label! We deliver your products to you in discreet packaging, so only you know what when into your cart! Our customer base loves our sex doll for sale, and we make it as easy and convenient for them to collect them all without having to answer any questions from flatmates!

At Playmate Adult Store, we have a passion for creating stimulating sexual experiences for adults of all ages, preferences and budgets. We don't believe sex toys are reserved for people who are out of the ordinary; we think everyone benefits from quality sex toys from one of New Zealand's most affordable online suppliers!

We use only the best, safest materials in our products. Our materials are commonly found in medical appliances, so they are industry-safe and easy to clean for a sanitary adult toy box! We stock a great selection of quality silicone toys, as well as ones made from medical-grade thermoplastics.


Everything You Need to Know!

You will need to blow up the doll first with the provided pump. The doll is inflatable so that you can discreetly store her away if you wish in between steamy sessions. If you would like to use the heating rod, you will first need to charge it via the USB charger. Then, you can insert the rod into whichever orifice you would like to use first (this is done best with a water-based lubricant) and left to warm up for ten minutes. If you would like the vibrations to work, insert batteries, and then slide it into the hole beside the one you intend to use (anal or vaginal opening) for the full experience. The vibrating device also has a pair of earphones attached, acting as a music player that plays you tantalising, real female noises of pleasure as you play. Once everything is warm, or vibrating, make sure you use a water-based lubricant in the points of entry for your comfort.

Is An Inflatable Sex Doll Safe to Use?

Using Adult Toys Safely Yes, sex dolls are safe to use, provided you use them sensibly, of course. Always use the items provided as directed by the instructions. Do not submerge the heating rod, vibrator or earphones into water.

How Do You Clean A Sex Doll?

Cleanliness Is Key! Keeping your new doll clean is imperative to keep it sanitary and to prolong its life. After sexual interaction with the doll, it is important to clean the key areas where semen or other bodily fluids have touched it. Use lukewarm water and gentle soap to clean all of the orifices as not cleaning them will encourage bad bacteria to develop very quickly and ruin the doll. You can wash its hair with mild soaps and comb it out. Always clean your doll as per the instructions that came with it.

Can You Use Condoms with a Sex Doll?

Protect Yourself and Others Yes! Just like with a real woman, you can use condoms, if you so wish. And we recommend it if you're sharing the doll in a couple! You can get condoms from our online store or at your local supermarket shop (if you can't wait to try your doll today!) You may not be able to get pregnant from a luxury sex toy, but you definitely can catch things off of one if you share it willy nilly with your friends.

Do You Need to Use Lube With the Inflatable Sex Doll?

If in Doubt, Lube Up! YES. Although she may feel real, she does not produce her own lubricant as a real woman can. Use a water-based lubricant every time you use your inflatable sex doll to avoid painful friction occurring.

What Are Inflatable Sex Dolls Good For?

Busy Lives Made Easier Just like any sex toy, a sex doll is a sexual aid that comes in handy when you do not want to engage in human-on-human interaction. Sometimes, playing on your own is just better! Sex dolls add an air of realism and fantasy fun at the same time to a sexual experience. Having the whole body to play with is a fantasy most people can get behind.

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